People are different and every spine is unique,Some have flat spines that bend a little,other have strong curves in their spines.A comfortable office seat must therefore offer the functionary to accommodate a variety of people.
AIRFORT's unique air bags installed in the lumbar region enable perfect adjustment to fit the shape of the user,enabling them to easily and simply achieve real sitting comfort.
point 1
「Air Lumbar Support」

The key to comfortable chair can be found in the level of support provided in the lumbar region and seat surface at the very moment persons sits down. AIRFORT harnesses the power of air in these key areas to provide unparalleled air support when you need it, where you need.
point 2
Adjust Free Rocking

The function uses the "Principal of Leverage",which allows the seat and backrest to be synchronised without using any levels. Your weight on the seat will automatically adjust the title of the backrest for optimum comfort.